Lab News

Mon, 03/03/2014 | APS March Meeting 2014 image gallery

Two images from Jonas Mlynek (Macro Meets Micro and Superradiance) and a photomontage of Scientists in the Quantum Device Lab (Beam Me Up!) are featured in the APS March Meeting 2014 image gallery in association with the presented papers.

Mon, 02/24/2014 | Appointed CIFAR Associate

Andreas Wallraff was appointed an Associate of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). He will serve as a Program Member of the Quantum Information Science research program.

Mon, 01/27/2014 | NZZ Campus Video-Cast

Ronald Schenkel from NZZ Campus interviewed Lars Steffen on the quantum teleportation experiment. The video is online.

Fri, 01/10/2014 | ETH Medal

Christopher Eichler receives the ETH Medal for his outstanding doctoral thesis entitled "Experimental Characterization of Quantum Microwave Radiation and its Entanglement with a Superconducting Qubit". Congratulations!

Wed, 12/18/2013 | ETH life magazine

The December issue of ETH life magazine features the NCCR "Quantum Science and Technology" and the teleportation experiments performed at the Quantum Device Lab.