Mihai Gabureac

Mihai Gabureac joined our group in August 2017. He is an expert in cleanroom nanofabrication with experience in thin film deposition, selective etching, Ar milling and e-beam lithography, as well as surface and structural characterization and metrology. He has worked previously with hybrid magnetic-superconducting tunnel junctions and has developed processes for the oxidation/growth of Alox and MgO tunnel barriers using feedback from magnetic devices. As a technical staff member of the QEC, Mihai will be in charge of the optimization and development of new processes and materials for the fabrication of Josephson tunnel junctions and superconducting quantum resonators. He will offer his support for all the QEC users, based on his cleanroom expertise and quantum circuits knowledge acquired in the Qudev lab. He will work both in FIRST and BRNC cleanrooms and will supervise all the fabrication and PVD activities.

+41 44 63 33626