Programme: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), NCCR
Home instituation: University of Basel
Director: Prof. Dr. Dominik Zumbühl
Co-Director: Prof. Dr. Daniel Loss

The NCCR SPIN aims to make a major contribution to research into and the development of quantum computers and create the basis for a new information-processing technology. The NCCR’s objective is to develop small, fast, scalable silicon-based qubits. It will also generate important findings on software and algorithm development, error correction and the architecture of future quantum computers.

The NCCR comprises an interdisciplinary team with research groups working in experimental and theoretical physics, material science, engineering and computer science. There will also be close cooperation with the industry-based research partner IBM Research, creating exceptional opportunities to develop prototypes and practically applicable technology. This could lay the foundations for accelerating the pace of digitalisation.