Physik IV - 2007 - Prof. Andreas Wallraff

Course lecture notes

OutlineList of subjects and lectures
CorrectionsList of corrections
19.03.2007Notes 0Organization of Class
21.03.2007Notes 1particle properties of light, photoelectric effect, x-rays, spectra, Bragg scattering, Compton effect
26.03.2007Notes 2wave properties of particles, deBroglie waves, phase and group velocity, electron diffraction, matter wave interference, uncertainty principle, Rutherford scattering
28.03.2007Notes 3spectra, Bohr model, Franck-Hertz experiment
02.04.2007Notes 4wave functions, Schroedinger equation, superposition principle, expectation values, operators, 1D problems, particle in a box
04.04.2007Notes 5tunnel effect, harmonic oscillator, hydrogen atom
11.04.2007Notes 6polar coordinates, angular momentum, commutation relations, Schroedinger equation, hydrogen wave functions, quantum numbers, orbital magnetic moment
18.04.2007Notes 7extra lecture: special relativity
23.04.2007Notes 8radiative transitions, selection rules, Zeeman effect, electron spin, quantum numbers
25.04.2007Notes 9Pauli principle, Bosons and Fermions, periodic table of elements, many electron atoms, quantum numbers, ionization energy, atom size
30.04.2007Notes 10 shell filling, Hund's rule, spin orbit coupling, total angular momentum, many electron atom spectra
02.05.2007Notes 11 x-ray spectra, molecules, hydrogen+ molecule, covalent binding
07.05.2007Notes 12 Hydrogen molecule, wave function symmetries, molecular bonding, hybridization, molecular rotations and vibrations
09.05.2007Notes 13 fluorescence, phosphorescence, statistical physics, Maxwel-Boltzmann distribution, ideal gas
14.05.2007Notes 14 equipartition theorem, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distribution, blackbody radiation
16.05.2007Notes 15 stimulated emission, Einstein A and B coefficients, LASER, specific heat
21.05.2007Notes 16 free electrons in a metal, Fermi energy, solid state, crystal structure, amorphous solids, defects, ionic bonding
23.05.2007Notes 17 covalent, van der Waals, hydrogen, metallic bonding, electrical conductivity, band structure
30.05.2007Notes 18 semiconductors, pn-junctions
04.06.2007Notes 19 npn transistors, superconductivity
06.06.2007Notes 20 Josephson effect, quantum information, introductory material
11.06.2007Notes 21 qubit realizations, single qubit dynamics
13.05.2007Notes 22 multiple qubits, entanglement, teleportation, Deutsch algorithm
18.05.2007Notes 23 (preliminary version) nuclear physics