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Student Presentations 2007

For the second half of the lecture course, students will be giving presentations on the various real implementations of Quantum Information Processing that are being researched at the current time. Students are encouraged to assess the potential of the implementation for real quantum computation in the future. Below is a list of the more advanced implementations, along with some useful references. Students are free to suggest a topic that interests them that is not on the list.

26 NovTobias Frey/Andreas FragnerSuperconducting Qubits
3 DecPhilippe Labouchere/AnitaQuantum Cryptography
10 DecAndreas ReinhardPhotons
17 DecRuben Andrist/Thomas UehlingerIon Traps
Superconducting Circuits
Review Articles
Devoret, MH; Wallraff, A; Martinis, JM
Superconducting Qubits: A Short Review
arXiv:cond-mat/0411174 (2004)

Wendin, G; Shumeiko, VS
Superconducting Quantum Circuits, Qubits and Computing
arXiv:cond-mat/0508729 (2005)

Selected Recent Articles
Sillanpaa MA; Park JI; Simmonds RW
Coherent quantum state storage and transfer between two phase qubits via a resonant cavity
Nature 449, 438 (2007)

Majer J; Chow JM; Gambetta JM; et al.
Coupling superconducting qubits via a cavity bus
Nature 449, 443 (2007)

Plantenberg JH; de Groot PC; Harmans CJPM; et al.
Demonstration of controlled-NOT quantum gates on a pair of superconducting quantum bits
Nature 447, 836 (2007)

Niskanen AO; Harrabi K; Yoshihara F; et al.
Quantum coherent tunable coupling of superconducting qubits
Science 316, 723 (2006)

Hime T; Reichardt PA; Plourde BLT; et al.
Solid-state qubits with current-controlled coupling
Science 314, 1427 (2006)

Further Reading
Steffen, M; Ansmann, M; Bialczak, RC; et al.
Measurement of the entanglement of two superconducting qubits via state tomography
Science 313, 1423 (2006)

Katz, N; Ansmann, M; Bialczak, RC; et al.
Coherent state evolution in a superconducting qubit from partial-collapse measurement
Science 312, 1498 (2006)

McDermott, R; Simmonds, RW; Steffen, M; et al.
Simultaneous state measurement of coupled Josephson phase qubits
Science 307, 1299 (2005)

Chiorescu, I; Bertet, P; Semba, K; et al.
Coherent dynamics of a flux qubit coupled to a harmonic oscillator
Nature 431, 159 (2004)

Wallraff, A; Schuster, DI; Blais, A; et al.
Strong coupling of a single photon to a superconducting qubit using circuit quantum electrodynamics
Nature 431, 162 (2004)

Yamamoto, T; Pashkin, YA; Astafiev, O; et al.
Demonstration of conditional gate operation using superconducting charge qubits
Nature 425, 941 (2003)
Chiorescu, I; Nakamura, Y; Harmans, CJPM; Mooij, JE
Coherent quantum dynamics of a superconducting flux qubit
Science 299, 1869 (2003)

Pashkin, YA; Yamamoto, T; Astafiev, O; et al.
Quantum oscillations in two coupled charge qubits
Nature 421, 823 (2003)

Vion, D; Aassime, A; Cottet, A; et al.
Manipulating the quantum state of an electrical circuit
Science 296, 886 (2002)

Nakamura, Y; Pashkin, YA; Tsai, JS
Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box
Nature 398, 786 (1999)

Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Review Articles
To be added.
Selected Recent Articles
Hennessy K; Badolato A; Winger M; et al.
Quantum nature of a strongly coupled single quantum dot-cavity system
Nature 445, 896 (2007)
Observation of Faraday rotation from a single confined spin
Atature M; Dreiser J; Badolato A and Imamoglu A
Nature Physics 3, 101 (2007)
Greilich A; Shabaev A; Yakovlev DR; et al.
Nuclei-induced frequency focusing of electron spin coherence
Science 317, 1896 (2007)
Berezovsky J, Mikkelsen MH, Gywat O, et al.
Nondestructive optical measurements of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
Science 314, 1916 (2006)
Koppens, FHL; Buizert, C; Tielrooij, KJ; et al.
Driven coherent oscillations of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
Nature 442, 766 (2006)
Atature M; Dreiser J; Badolato A; et al.
Quantum-Dot Spin-State Preparation with Near-Unity Fidelity
Science 312, 551 (2006)
Petta, JR; Johnson, AC; Taylor, JM; et al.
Coherent manipulation of coupled electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots
Science 309, 2180 (2005)
Elzerman, JM; Hanson, R; van Beveren, LHW; et al.
Single-shot read-out of an individual electron spin in a quantum dot
Nature 430, 431 (2004)
Ion Traps
Review Articles
To be added.
Selected Recent Articles
Maunz P; Moehring DL; Olmschenk S; et al.
Quantum interference of photon pairs from two remote trapped atomic ions
Nature Physics3, 538 (2007)

Moehring DL; Maunz P; Olmschenk S; et al.
Entanglement of single-atom quantum bits at a distance
Nature 449, 68 (2007)

Stick D; Hensinger WK; Olmschenk S; et al.
Ion trap in a semiconductor chip
Nature Physics2, 36 (2006)

Reichle, R; Leibfried, D; Knill, E; et al.
Experimental purification of two-atom entanglement
Nature 443, 838 (2006)

Leibfried, D; Knill, E; Seidelin, S; et al.
Creation of a six-atom 'Schrodinger cat' state
Nature 438, 639 (2005)
Haffner, H; Hansel, W; Roos, CF; et al.
Scalable multiparticle entanglement of trapped ions
Nature 438, 643 (2005)

Chiaverini, J; Leibfried, D; Schaetz, T; et al.
Realization of quantum error correction
Nature 432, 602 (2004)

Further Reading
Roos, CF; Riebe, M; Haffner, H; et al.
Control and measurement of three-qubit entangled states
Science 304, 1478 (2004)

Schmidt-Kaler, F; Haffner, H; Riebe, M; et al.
Realization of the Cirac-Zoller controlled-NOT quantum gate
Nature 422, 408 (2003)

Leibfried, D; DeMarco, B; Meyer, V; et al.
Experimental demonstration of a robust, high-fidelity geometric two ion-qubit phase gate
Nature 422, 412 (2003)

Chiaverini, J; Britton, J; Leibfried, D; et al.
Implementation of the semiclassical quantum Fourier transform in a scalable system
Science 308, 997 (2005)

Riebe, M; Haffner, H; Roos, CF; et al.
Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms
Nature 429, 734 (2004)

Barrett, MD; Chiaverini, J; Schaetz, T; et al.
Deterministic quantum teleportation of atomic qubits
Nature 429, 737 (2004)

Gulde, S; Riebe, M; Lancaster, GPT; et al.
Implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm on an ion-trap quantum computer
Nature 421, 48 (2003)
Walther, P; Resch, KJ; Rudolph, T; et al.
Experimental one-way quantum computing
Nature 434, 169 (2005)
Aspelmeyer, M; Bohm, HR; Gyatso, T; et al.
Long-distance free-space distribution of quantum entanglement
Science 301, 621 (2003)
Pan, JW; Gasparoni, S; Ursin, R; et al.
Experimental entanglement purification of arbitrary unknown states
Nature 423, 417 (2003)

Pan, JW; Gasparoni, S; Aspelmeyer, M; et al.
Experimental realization of freely propagating teleported qubits
Nature 421, 721 (2003)

Bouwmeester, D; Pan, JW; Mattle, K; et al.
Experimental quantum teleportation
Nature 390, 575 (1997)
NMR-based Quantum Computing
Yusa G; Muraki K; Takashina K; et al.
Controlled multiple quantum coherences of nuclear spins in a nanometre-scale device
Nature 434, 1001 (2005)

Vandersypen, LMK; Steffen, M; Breyta, G; et al.
Experimental realization of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm using nuclear magnetic resonance
Nature 414, 883 (2001)

Sackett, CA; Kielpinski, D; King, BE; et al.
Experimental entanglement of four particles
Nature 404, 256 (2000)

Chuang, IL; Vandersypen, LMK; Zhou, XL; et al.
Experimental realization of a quantum algorithm
Nature 393, 143 (1998)

Other Approaches
Neutral atoms in optical lattices
Anderlini M; Lee PJ; Brown BL; et al.
Controlled exchange interaction between pairs of neutral atoms in an optical lattice
Nature 448, 452 (2007)
Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Dutt MVG, Childress L, Jiang L, et al.
Quantum register based on individual electronic and nuclear spin qubits in diamond
Science 316, 1312 (2007)
Childress L, Dutt MVG, Taylor JM, et al.
Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and nuclear spin qubits in diamond
Science 314, 281 (2006)

Andreas Wallraff


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