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Please also read the announcement for current opportunities to work in our group. As of January 15, 2006 some positions are still available.

PostDoc opening

We are looking for a PostDoc interested in working on projects related to quantum information processing and/or cavity quantum electrodynamics with superconducting circuits. Ideally, the candidate has a strong background and interest in one or more of the following: sample fabrication (electron beam lithography, photolithography, evaporation of metals, general clean room techniques), quantum information processing implementations (e.g. ion traps, NMR, superconducting circuits, quantum dots), experimental quantum optics and atomic physics (cavity quantum electrodynamics), low temperature physics (transport measurements at dilution refrigerator temperatures), microwave electronics.

Possible starting dates: January to April 2006.

Opportunities for graduate students

We will be looking for candidates interested in quantum information processing with superconducting circuits. You will be doing research towards a PhD in experimental solid state physics at ETH Zurich. In your research work you will be designing, fabricating and measuring superconducting quantum electronic circuits. You will learn about control and measurement of quantum electronic systems, quantum computing, device fabrication (down to 50 nm feature size), clean room use (FIRST), microwave electronics (1 - 20 GHz), low temperature (20 mK) physics techniques and a lot more. Quantum information science is one of the most prominent and active interdisciplinary research areas in modern physics.

Possible starting date: April 2006 (contingent on available funding).

How to learn more

Further information on our work can be found on this web site. For additional information you may contact me directly. You may also apply by sending an email containing your CV and a short description of your background and motivation.

Andreas Wallraff


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