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Fall Term 2008

Student Presentations

For the final three weeks of the lecture course, students will be giving presentations on current experimental research in Quantum Information Processing. Below is a list of the topics available, along with useful references.

01-12-2008Weiss,SchnezSuperconducting Circuits I Weiss,Schnez
01-12-2008Albers,GiethoornSuperconducting Circuits II Albers&Giethoorn
08-12-2008Ebner,FaigleQuantum Dots I Ebner&Faigle
08-12-2008Michels, KucskoQuantum Dots II Michels,Kucsko
15-12-2008Petit,MarxIon Traps I Petit&Marx
15-12-2008Bechstein,LittichIon Traps II Littich,Bechstein
Superconducting Circuits - Introductory/Review Articles
Clarke, J & Wilhelm, FK
Superconducting quantum bits
Nature 453, 1031 (2008)

Schoelkopf, RJ & Girvin, SM
Wiring up quantum systems
Nature 451, 664 (2008)

Wendin, G; Shumeiko, VS
Superconducting Quantum Circuits, Qubits and Computing
arXiv:cond-mat/0508729 (2005)

Devoret, MH; Wallraff, A; Martinis, JM
Superconducting Qubits: A Short Review
arXiv:cond-mat/0411174 (2004)

1. Superconducting Circuits I - Local two-qubit couplings and gates
Plantenberg JH; de Groot PC; Harmans CJPM; et al.
Demonstration of controlled-NOT quantum gates on a pair of superconducting quantum bits
Nature 447, 836 (2007)

Niskanen AO; Harrabi K; Yoshihara F; et al.
Quantum coherent tunable coupling of superconducting qubits
Science 316, 723 (2006)

Hime T; Reichardt PA; Plourde BLT; et al.
Solid-state qubits with current-controlled coupling
Science 314, 1427 (2006)

Yamamoto, T; Pashkin, YA; Astafiev, O; et al.
Demonstration of conditional gate operation using superconducting charge qubits
Nature 425, 941 (2003)

2. Superconducting Circuits II - Coupling qubits via a cavity
Hofheinz, M; Weig, EM; Ansmann, M; et al.
Generation of Fock states in a superconducting quantum circuit
Nature 454, 310 (2008)

Majer J; Chow JM; Gambetta JM; et al.
Coupling superconducting qubits via a cavity bus
Nature 449, 443 (2007)

Sillanpaa MA; Park JI; Simmonds RW
Coherent quantum state storage and transfer between two phase qubits via a resonant cavity
Nature 449, 438 (2007)

Wallraff, A; Schuster, DI; Blais, A; et al.
Strong coupling of a single photon to a superconducting qubit using circuit quantum electrodynamics
Nature 431, 162 (2004)

Semiconductor Quantum Dots - Introductory/Review Articles
Hanson, R & Awschalom, DD
Coherent manipulation of single spins in semiconductors
Nature 453, 1043 (2008)

Hanson, R; Kouwenhoven, LP; Petta, JR; et al.
Spins in few-electron quantum dots
Reviews of Modern Physics 79, 1217 (2007)

3. Semiconductor Quantum Dots I - Laterally confined
Nowack, KC; Koppens, FHL; Nazarov, YV & Vandersypen, LMK et al.
Coherent control of a single electron spin with electric fields
Science 318, 1430 (2007)

Koppens, FHL; Buizert, C; Tielrooij, KJ; et al.
Driven coherent oscillations of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
Nature 442, 766 (2006)

Petta, JR; Johnson, AC; Taylor, JM; et al.
Coherent manipulation of coupled electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots
Science 309, 2180 (2005)

Elzerman, JM; Hanson, R; van Beveren, LHW; et al.
Single-shot read-out of an individual electron spin in a quantum dot
Nature 430, 431 (2004)

4. Semiconductor Quantum Dots II -Vertically confined
Robledo, L; Elzerman, J; Jundt, G; et al.
Conditional dynamics of interacting quantum dots
Science 320, 772 (2008)

Berezovsky, J; Mikkelsen, MH; Stoltz, NG; et al.
Picosecond coherent optical manipulation of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
Science 320, 349 (2008)

Atature M; Dreiser J; Badolato A; et al.
Quantum-Dot Spin-State Preparation with Near-Unity Fidelity
Science 312, 551 (2006)

5. Semiconductor Quantum Dots III - Controlling nuclear spin decoherence
Reilly, DJ; Taylor, JM; Petta, JR; et al.
Suppressing spin qubit dephasing by nuclear state preparation
Science 321, 817 (2008)

Amasha, S; MacLean, K; Radu, IP; et al.
Electrical control of spin relaxation in a quantum dot
Physical Review Letters 100, 046803 (2008)

Hanson, R; Dobrovitski, VV; Feiguin, AE; et al.
Coherent dynamics of a single spin interacting with an adjustable spin bath
Science 320, 352 (2008)

Greilich A; Shabaev A; Yakovlev DR; et al.
Nuclei-induced frequency focusing of electron spin coherence
Science 317, 1896 (2007)

Ion Traps - Introductory/Review Articles
Blatt and Wineland
Entangled states of trapped atomic ions
Nature 453, 1008 (2008)

6. Ion Traps - State of the art quantum gates
Benhelm, J; Kirchmair, G; Roos, CF & Blatt R
Towards fault-tolerant quantum computing with trapped ions
Nature Physics 4, 463 (2008)

Monz, T; Kim, K; Haensel, W; et al.
Realization of the quantum Toffoli gate with trapped ions
(not yet published) arXiv:0804.0082 (2008)

Schmidt-Kaler, F; Haffner, H; Riebe, M; et al.
Realization of the Cirac-Zoller controlled-NOT quantum gate
Nature 422, 408 (2003)

Leibfried, D; DeMarco, B; Meyer, V; et al.
Experimental demonstration of a robust, high-fidelity geometric two ion-qubit phase gate
Nature 422, 412 (2003)

7. Ion Traps - First realizations of algorithms
Chiaverini, J; Britton, J; Leibfried, D; et al.
Implementation of the semiclassical quantum Fourier transform in a scalable system
Science 308, 997 (2005)

Riebe, M; Haffner, H; Roos, CF; et al.
Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms
Nature 429, 734 (2004)

Barrett, MD; Chiaverini, J; Schaetz, T; et al.
Deterministic quantum teleportation of atomic qubits
Nature 429, 737 (2004)

Gulde, S; Riebe, M; Lancaster, GPT; et al.
Implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm on an ion-trap quantum computer
Nature 421, 48 (2003)

8. Quantum Communication - Quantum Repeaters
Goebel, AM; Wagenknecht, C; Zhang, Q; et al.
Multistage entanglement swapping
Physical Review Letters 101, 080403 (2008)

Yuan, ZS; Chen, YA; Zhao, B; et al.
Experimental demonstration of a BDCZ quantum repeater node
Nature 454, 1098 (2008)

Chou, CW; Laurat, J; Deng, H; et al.
Functional quantum nodes for entanglement distribution over scalable quantum network
Science 316, 1316 (2007)

Chen, ZB; Zhao, B; Chen, YA; et al.
Fault-tolerant quantum repeater with atomic ensembles and linear optics
Physical Review A 1, (2007)

9. Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Jiang, L; Dutt, MVG; Togan, E; et al.
Coherence of an optically illuminated single nuclear spin qubit
Physical Review Letters 100, 073001 (2008)

Neumann, P; Mizuochi, N; Rempp, F; et al.
Multipartite entanglement among single spins in diamond
Science 320, 1326 (2008)

Dutt MVG, Childress L, Jiang L, et al.
Quantum register based on individual electronic and nuclear spin qubits in diamond
Science 316, 1312 (2007)

Childress L, Dutt MVG, Taylor JM, et al.
Coherent dynamics of coupled electron and nuclear spin qubits in diamond
Science 314, 281 (2006)

10. Solid-state quantum memories
Morton, JJL; Tyryshkin, AM; Brown, RM; et al.
Solid-state quantum memory using the 31P nuclear spin
Nature 455, 1085 (2008)

Neeley, M; Ansmann, M; Radoslaw, C; et al.
Process tomography of quantum memory in a Josephson-phase qubit coupled to a two-level state
Nature Physics 4, 523 (2008)

Andreas Wallraff


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