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Quantum Systems
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Quantum Systems for Information Technology

number 402-0577-00 L
semester WS 2010/11
lecturer Andreas Wallraff 
periodicity every year
language Englisch
exam additional information
short description
Introduction to experimental quantum information processing (QIP). Quantum bits. Coherent Control. Quantum Measurement. Decoherence. Microscopic and macroscopic quantum systems. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in molecules and solids. Ions and neutral atoms in electromagnetic traps. Charges and spins in quantum dots. Charges and flux quanta in superconducting circuits. Novel hybrid systems.

A syllabus will be provided on the class web server at the beginning of the term (see section 'Besonderes').

aim of class
In recent years the realm of quantum mechanics has entered the domain of information technology. Enormous progress in the physical sciences and in engineering and technology has allowed us to envisage building novel types of information processors based on the concepts of quantum physics. In these processors information is stored in the quantum state of physical systems forming quantum bits (qubits). The interaction between qubits is controlled and the resulting states are read out on the level of single quanta in order to process information. Realizing such challenging tasks may allow constructing an information processor much more powerful than a classical computer. The aim of this class is to give a thorough introduction to physical implementations pursued in current research for realizing quantum information processors. The field of quantum information science is one of the fastest growing and most active domains of research in modern physics.

Electronically available lecture notes will be published on the class web server (see section 'Besonderes').

  • Quantum computation and quantum information / Michael A. Nielsen & Isaac L. Chuang. Reprinted. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press ; 2001.. 676 p. : ill.. [004153791].

  • Preskill lecture notes
special notes
The class will be taught in English language.

Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics is required, prior knowledge in atomic physics, quantum electronics, and solid state physics is advantageous.

Zugehörige Lehrveranstaltungen
Nummer Typ Lehrveranstaltung Std. Dozent/in
Tag Zeit Lokal
402-0577-00   V   Quantum Systems for Information Technology  2 Andreas Wallraff  

Mo 15-17 HCI H 2.1

402-0577-00   U   Quantum Systems for Information Technology  2 Andreas Wallraff  

Mo 11-13 HCI H 8.1

angeboten in Studiengang Bereich Typ  
Ausbildung während des Doktorats und Postdoktorats Departement Informationstechnologie und Elektrotechnik Information
Ausbildung während des Doktorats und Postdoktorats Departement Physik Information
Mikro- und Nanosysteme Master Wählbare Kernfächer W Information
Neural Systems and Computation Master Wahlfächer W Information
Physik Master Auswahl: Quantenelektronik W Information
Rechnergestützte Wissenschaften Bachelor Wahlfächer W Information
Rechnergestützte Wissenschaften Master Wahlfächer W Information

Information zur Leistungskontrolle: Leistungskontrolle als Semesterkurs
    ECTS Kreditpunkte 8
    Prüfende Wallraff, A.
    Form Sessionsprüfung
    Sprache Englisch
    Testat erforderlich Nein
    Repetition Die Leistungskontrolle kann in jeder Session geprüft werden. Repetition ohne erneute Belegung der Lerneinheit möglich
mündlich 20 Minuten
Diese Angaben können noch zu Semesterbeginn aktualisiert werden; verbindlich sind die Angaben auf dem Prüfungsplan.

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Andreas Wallraff


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