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Andreas Wallraff, associate research scientist, experiment

Dave Schuster, graduate student, experiment

Alexandre Blais, postdoctoral fellow, theory

Luigi Frunzio, associate research scientist, experiment

Ren-Shou Huang, graduate student (graduated in 2004), theory

Hannes Majer, postdoctoral associate, experiment

Sameer Kumar, undergraduate physics major (graduated in 2004), experiment

Steve Girvin, professor of physics and applied physics, theory

Rob Schoelkopf, professor of applied physics and physics, experiment

from left to right: Dave Schuster, Alexandre Blais, Rob Schoelkopf, Steve Girvin, Andreas Wallraff, and (not shown): Ren-Shou Huang, Luigi Frunzio, Sameer Kumar, Hannes Majer.

Andreas Wallraff


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