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Since 2006 we study the quantum properties of novel micro- and nano-structured electronic devices and their interaction with classical and quantum electromagnetic fields in a new and modern lab at ETH Zurich. The focus of our research is positioned at the intersections of mesoscopic condensed matter physics, atomic physics and quantum optics, where physical systems with intriguing properties and exciting applications can be realized. In particular, we study the fundamental physics of matter light interaction in the context of cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED). The strong coherent coupling between a single quantum two-level system and the single mode of a quantized electromagnetic field allows us to explore interactions on the single photon level in solid state electronic circuits. This field of research is now known as circuit quantum electrodynamics, or short Circuit QED. Recently, we have also begun to explore the use of circuit QED techniques in other fields. We realize so called hybrid quantum systems in which we aim at controlling and detecting the quantum properties of semiconductor quantum dots and Rydberg atoms. In the context of quantum information science, we control the dynamics of large quantum systems to investigate complex physical and computational problems. One of our approaches is based on coherently controlling the dynamics superconducting quantum electronic circuits using pulsed microwaves. In particular we investigate non-classical correlations as they are generated in strong coherent interactions between quantum systems, giving rise to their entanglement. We are also interested in realizing applications of quantum electronic circuits as sensitive, possibly quantum limited, nano-electronic measurement devices and detectors.

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