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Hybrid Quantum Electrodynamics

... Interfacing Atoms and superconducting quantum circuits

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Project Description

Currently a new focus of research on quantum systems for information technology is quickly developing, namely hybrid quantum systems. Realizing hybrid systems researchers aim at combining the very best properties of different physical quantum systems to simultaneously explore new regimes of quantum mechanics and to advance the development of quantum information processing technology.

One major goal is to combine the long coherence times available in microscopic quantum systems with the strong interactions and integration possibilities available in solid state systems. Atoms and ions for example can be effectively isolated from their environment using electromagnetic traps in ultra high vacuum systems allowing for coherence times of up to minutes. On the other hand, the interactions of these systems with control fields are usually weak limiting the effective time scales over which the quantum systems can be manipulated. In a solid state environment the situation is opposite. There the interaction of the quantum system with its environment is strong. This allows for strong interactions with control fields and thus fast manipulation of the quantum state of a system. However, simultaneously these systems tend to have much shorter coherence time due to their stronger interaction with uncontrolled degrees of freedom in the solid. Thus combining the two, long coherence times of atomic systems with the fast control available in solid state systems, may point towards an interesting route to realize larger scale quantum systems.

Our main goal in this project is to develop an interface between circuit and atom based realizations of cavity QED. We will explore the interaction between natural Rydberg atoms and superconducting artificial atoms mediated by radiation fields contained in on-chip microwave frequency resonators.Rydberg atoms will be coupled to on-chip resonators and the basic properties of both systems and their interactions will be investigated. When realized, this system will be used to explore the first quantum coherent interface between atomic and solid state qubits.

Stefan Filipp
Andreas Wallraff

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