QIP II (FS 2018)

The lecture course Quantum Information Processing (QIP) II: Implementations will be held in the spring term (FS) 2018. Together with the theory part Quantum Information Processing I: Concepts it forms a core course in experimental physics, called Quantum Information Processing. QIP II is presented as a lecture complemented by an excercise class which is designed to give you a thorough introduction to experimental realizations of quantum information processing.  A short summary of the contents of each of the lectures is provided below.

Lecture notes, exercise sheets, and presentations can be found here.

Material for student presentations can be found here.


  • Introduction to QIPC (4 weeks)
  • Quantum Information Processing with
    • Superconducting Circuits (3.5 weeks)
      • Qubits
      • Gates
      • Read-out
      • Algorithms
    • Quantum dots (1 week)
    • Ions (1 week)
    • NV-centers (1 week)
    • Photons (1 week)
    • NMR (1 week)
  • Summary Session and Lab Tour (1 week)

Aim of Class

In recent years the realm of quantum mechanics has entered the domain of information technology. Enormous progress in the physical sciences and in engineering and technology has allowed us to envisage building novel types of information processors based on the concepts of quantum physics. In these processors information is stored in the quantum state of physical systems forming quantum bits (qubits). The interaction between qubits is controlled and the resulting states are read out on the level of single quanta in order to process information. Realizing such challenging tasks may allow constructing an information processor much more powerful than a classical computer. The aim of this class is to give a thorough introduction to physical implementations pursued in current research for realizing quantum information processors. The field of quantum information science is one of the fastest growing and most active domains of research in modern physics.

Attendance: The course is intended for Masters and doctoral level students or advanced Bachelor level students in Physics and related subjects. Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics as provided by the courses Physics IV, (new Physics III) , QM I (QM II) will be helpful to follow this course.


402-0448-02 V     Thu, 10:45-12:30      HCI G3                                  QIP II Implementations (V)

402-0448-02 U     Mo, 16:45-17:30       HCI H2.1, HCI H8.1, HIL E10.1, HPV G5    QIP II: Implementations (U) 


Performance assesment

ECTS credits QIP I and II: 10
Examiners A. Wallraff 
Type session examination
Language English
Course attendance confirmation required No
Repetition The performance assessment can be eximened every session.Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examination


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