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Romeo Bianchetti (July 2010)
Control and readout of a superconducting artificial atom

Martin Goeppl (April 2009)
Engineering Quantum Electronic Chips - Realization and Characterization of Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Systems

Andreas Wallraff (June 2000)
Fluxon Dynamics in Annular Josephson Junctions: From Relativistic Strings to Quantum Particles

Christian Lang (June 2010)
Read-Out Strategies for Multi-Qubit States in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

Andreas Fragner (July 2008)
Coupling Superconducting Qubits to Tunable Cavities and Resolving the Lamb Shift in Circuit QED

Maurer Peter (July 2008)
State Tomography of Multiple Qubits in Circuit QED

Priska Studer (July 2008)
Vacuum Rabi Splitting at High Drive Powers and Elevated Temperatures

Lars Steffen (February 2008)
Local Qubit Control in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

Matthias Baur (August 2007)
Quantum Electrodynamics with Superconducting Circuits: Measurement of the Cavity Photon Number using Ramsey Interference

Johannes M. Fink (May 2007)
Single Qubit Control and Observation of Berry's Phase in a Superconducting Quantum Circuit

Andreas Wallraff (December 1997)
Fluxon Dynamics and Radiation Emission in Twofold Long Jospehson Junction Stacks


Deniz Bozyigit (April 2010)
Correlation Function Measurements of a Microwave Frequency Single Photon Source

Simon Berger (February 2010)
Observation of a Berry's Phase in a Transmon Qubit

Silvan Burch (July 2009)
Electromigrated Mechanically Controllable Break-Junctions

Simon Schmidlin (March 2009)
Generation of amplitude and phase controlled microwave pulses for qubit manipulation in Circuit QED


William J. Zeng (July 2010)
Quantum Computation with Circuit QED

Georg Kucsko (HS 2008)
Tomography of Rabi-Oscillations in Circuit QED

Alfredo Bismuto
High frequency measurements in a pulse tube cooler

Jonah Waissman (December 2006)
Impedance Transformers for High Frequency Molecular Electronics


Silvio Marx (July 2009)
Optimization of the microwave properties of a cryostat sample holder

Gabriel Meier (FS 2009)
Characterization of Tunable Microwave Resonators

Simon Michels (July 2009)
Quantum-to-Classical Transition in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

Daniel Bechstein (July 2009)
Development of a microwave low-pass filter for cryogenic superconducting quantum computing applications

Silvan Burch (July 2008)
Mechanically Controllable Break-Junctions

Dominik Henzen (June 2008)
Measurement & Analysis of superconducting microwave beam splitters

Arnold Philipp (May 2008)
Controlling a Field Programmable Gate Array to achieve single shot read-out of the quantum state of a superconducting qubit

Tobias Frey (May 2008)
Design of microwave beam splitters for photon correlation measurements

Raoul W. Scherwitzl (December 2007)
Characterization of superconducting resonators

François Bianco (September 2007)
Break junctions for molecular electronics using electromigration

Lars Steffen (April 2007)
Spin echo measurements in a superconducting qubit

Peter Maurer (February 2007)
Tomography on Superconducting Qubit States

Andreas Wallraff


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