QSIT (HS 2012) - Student presentations

Students will give presentations in pairs on current experimental research in Quantum Information Processing. Each group has 30 min for the presentation plus 15 minutes for questions. A list of references for the presentation topics can be found below. Each presenter will be assessed by the other students, so that you can find out for yourselves how good your presentation skills are, and how you might improve them. Evaluation form is available here.

Information slides are here

Date (prel.)






State- & Process- tomography (pdf)

Paul Erker & Johannes Heinsoo



Josephson Junction Devices – Basics (pdf)

Lukas Huthmacher &

Peter Strassmann



Standard Measurements in QIP (Rabi, Ramsey, Spin-echo) (pdf)

Francisco Kim & Matteo Mrainelli



Superconducting circuits: universal quantum gates (pdf)

Andreas Landig & Benedikt Betz



Superconducting circuits: Toffoli gate and error correction (pdf)

Naoki Shimode & Jonas Mlynek



Implementing gates in quantum dot spin qubits (pdf)

Marius Eich & Patrick Pietsch


(start at 8:45)


Coupling of quantum dots to a resonator (pdf)

Zhe Sun & Mathias Stammeier


(start at 9:45)


Experimental violations of Bell inequalities with photons (pdf)

Daniel Mazzone & Sina Zeytinoglu


(start at 8:45)


Digital quantum simulation with trapped ions (pdf)

Snorre Rist & Ambjørn Dahle Bang 


(start at 9:45)


Multiparticle entanglement (pdf)

Sebastian Hartweg & Mario Berta 



Shor algorithms in NMR (pdf)

Thomas Karg & Lukas Heinzle

extra topics (date not specified yet):



Quantum Cryptography




Experimental demonstrations of teleportation with photons




Quantum Memory and Repeaters



Superconducting Circuits - Introductory/Review Articles


Clarke, J. & Wilhelm, F.K.

Superconducting quantum bits

Nature 453, 1031 (2008)


Schoelkopf, R.J. & Girvin, S.M.

Wiring up quantum systems

Nature 451, 664 (2008)


Devoret, M.H. & Martinis, J.M.

Implementing Qubits with Superconducting Integrated Circuits

Quant. Inf. Proc. 3, 163 (2004)



Semiconductor Quantum Dots - Introductory/Review Articles

Hanson, R. & Awschalom, D. D.

Coherent manipulation of single spins in semiconductors

Nature 453, 1043 (2008)


Hanson, R., Kouwenhoven, L. P., Petta, J. R. et al.

Spins in few-electron quantum dots

Reviews of Modern Physics 79, 1217 (2007)



Ion Traps - Introductory/Review Articles


Leibfried, D., Blatt, R., Monroe, C. and Wineland D. 

Quantum dynamics of single trapped ions 

Review of Modern Physics 75 , 281 (2003)


Blatt, R. and Wineland, D.

Entangled states of trapped atomic ions

Nature 453, 1008 (2008)



NMR - Introductory/Review Articles


Gershenfeld, N. A. and Chuang, I. L.

Bulk Spin-Resonance Quantum Computation

Science 275, 350 (1997)


Vandersypen L. M. K. and Chuang, I. L.

NMR techniques for quantum control and computation

Review of Modern Physics 76, 1037 (2004)



1. State- & Process- tomography


James, D. F. V.,  Kwiat, P. G., Munro, W. J. & White, A. G.

Measurement of qubits

PRA 64, 052312 (2001)


Chuang, I. L. & Nielsen, M. A.

Prescription for experimental determination of thedynamics of a quantum black box,

J. Mod. Opt. 44, 2455 (1997)



2. Josephson Junction Devices – Basics


M. H. Devoret, A. Wallraff, and J. M. Martinis

Superconducting Qubits: A Short Review



You, J. Q. & Nori, F

Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Information

Physics Today 58, 42 (2005)


Girvin, S. M.

Superconducting Qubits and Circuits: Artificial Atoms Coupled to Microwave Photons

Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School, July 4-29 (2011) (pdf)



3. Standard Measurements in QIP (Rabi, Ramsey, Spin-echo)


Vion, D., Aassime, A., Cottet, A., Joyez, P., Pothier, H., Urbina, C., Esteve, D. & Devoret, M. H.

Rabi oscillations, Ramsey fringes and spin echoes in an electrical circuit.

Fortschritte der Physik, 51, 462 (2003)


Wallraff, A.; Schuster, D. I.; Blais, A.; Frunzio, L.; Majer, J.; Girvin, S. M. & Schoelkopf, R. J.

Approaching Unit Visibility for Control of a Superconducting Qubit with Dispersive Readout

Physical Review Letters, 95, 060501 (2005)


Bylander, J., Gustavsson, S., Yan, F., Yoshihara, F., Harrabi, K., Fitch, G., Cory, D. G., Nakamura, Y., Tsai, J.-S. & Oliver W. D.

Noise spectroscopy through dynamical decoupling with a superconducting flux qubit

Nature Physics, 7, 565 (2011)



4. Superconducting circuits: universal quantum gates


Bialczak, R. C., Ansmann, M., Hofheinz, M. et al.

Quantum process tomography of a universal entangling gate implemented with Josephson phase qubits

Nature Physics 6, 409 (2011)


Dewes, A., Lauro, R., Ong, F. R. et al.

Quantum speeding-up of computation demonstrated in a  superconducting two-qubit processor

Physical Review B 85, 140503 (2012)



5. Superconducting circuits: Toffoli gate and error correction


Fedorov, A., Steffen, L., Baur M., da Silva, M. & Wallraff A.

Implementation of a Toffoli Gate with Superconducting Circuits

Nature 481, 170 (2012)


Reed, M. D., DiCarlo, L., Nigg, S. E. et al.

Realization of Three-Qubit Quantum Error Correction with Superconducting Circuits

Nature 482,382 (2012)



6. Implementing gates in quantum dot spin qubits


Petta, J. R., Johnson, A. C., Taylor, J. M. et al.

Coherent manipulation of coupled electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots

Science 309, 2180 (2005)


Nowack, K. C., Shafiei, M., Laforest, M. et al.

Single-Shot Correlations and Two-Qubit Gate of Solid-State Spins

Science 333, 1269 (2011)


Foletti, S., Bluhm, H., Mahalu, D., Umansky, V. & Yacoby, A.

Universal control of two-electron spin quantum bits using dynamic nuclear polarization

Nature Physics 5, 903 (2009)


Shulman, M. D., Dial, O. E., Harvey, S. P., Bluhm, H., Umansky, V. & Yacoby, A.

Demonstration of Entanglement of Electrostatically Coupled Singlet-Triplet Qubits

arxiv 1202.1828



7. Experimental violations of Bell inequalities with photons


Aspect, A., Grangier, P., Roger, G.

Experimental Realization of EPR-Bohm Gedankenexperiment: A New Violation of Bell's Inequalities

Phys. Rev. Lett. 49, 91 (1982)


Weihs, G., Jennewein, T., Simon, C. et al.

Violation of Bell inequality under strict Einstein locality conditions

Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 5039 (1998)


For comparison to atomic systems and superconductin qubits see also:

Matsukevich, D. N., Maunz, P., Moehring, D. L. et al.

Bell inequality violation with two remote atomic qubits

Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 150404 (2008)


Ansmann, M., Wang, H., Bialczak, R. C. et al.

Violation of Bell's inequality in Josephson phase qubits

Nature 461, 504 (2009)



8. Multiparticle entanglement


Leibfried D., Knill, E., Seidelin, S., et al.

Creation of a six-atom 'Schrodinger cat' state

Nature 438, 639 (2005)


Monz, T., Schindler, P., Barreiro, J. T. et al.

14-Qubit Entanglement: Creation and Coherence

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 130506 (2011)



9. Shor algorithms in NMR


Vandersypen, L. M. K. et al.

Experimental realization of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm using nuclear magnetic resonance

Nature 414, 883 (2001)


For theoretical description of the Shor algorithm see also:

Shor Peter W.

Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Prime Factorization and Discrete Logarithms on a Quantum Computer

arXiv:quant-ph/9508027 (1995)


Extra topics - only available if other topics are all taken:


10. Spin qubits in quantum dots


Elzerman, J. M., Hanson, R., Willems van Beveren, L. H. et al.

Single-shot read-out of an individual electron spin in a quantum dot

Nature 430, 431 (2004)


Koppens, F. H. L., Buizert, C., Tielrooij, K. J. et al.

Driven coherent oscillations of a single electron spin in a quantum dot

Nature 442, 766 (2006)



11. Coupling of quantum dots to a resonator


Frey, T., Leek, P. J., Beck, M., Blais, A., Ihn, T., Ensslin, K. and Wallraff A.

Dipole coupling of a double quantum dot to a microwave resonator

Physical Review Letters 108, 046807 (2012)


Petersen, K. D., McFaul L. W., Schroer, M. D., Jung, M., Taylor, J. M., Houck, A. A. & Petta J. R.

Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with a Spin Qubit




12. Experimental demonstrations of teleportation with photons


Bouwmeester, D., Pan, J.-W., Mattle, K. et al.

Experimental quantum teleportation

Nature 390, 575 (1997)


For comparison to atomic systems see also:

Barrett, M. D., Chiaverini, J., Schaetz, T. et al.

Deterministic quantum teleportation of atomic qubits

Nature 429, 737 (2004)




Ma, X.-S., Herbst, T., Scheidl, T. et al.


Quantum teleportation over 143 kilometres using active feed-forward


Nature 489, 269 (2012)




Yin, J. et al.


Quantum teleportation and entanglement distribution over 100-kilometre free-space channels


Nature 488, 185 (2012)




13. Quantum Memory and Repeaters


Sangouard, N., Simon, C., de Riedmatten, H. & Gisin, N.

Quantum Repeaters based on atomic ensembles and linear optics

Rev Mod Phys 83, 33 (2011)



14. Quantum Cryptography


Gisin, N., Ribordy, G., Tittel, W. and Zbinden H.

Quantum Cryptography

Rev Mod Phys 74, 145 (2002)


Tittel, W., Brendel, J., Gisin, N. et al.


Physikalische Blätter 55, 25 (1999)


Lydersen, L., Wiechers, C., Wittmann, C. et al.

Hacking commercial quantum cryptography systems by tailored bright illumination

Nature Photonics 4, 686 (2010)



15. Digital quantum simulation with trapped ions


Benhelm, J., Kirchmair, G., Roos, C. F. & Blatt R.

Towards fault-tolerant quantum computing with trapped ions

Nature Physics 4, 463 (2008)


Lanyon, B. P., Hempel, C., Nigg, D., Müller, M. et al.

Universal Digital Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions

Science 334, 57 (2011)