Ultrafast Instrument for Quantum Control and Measurement

The ETH Zurich Quantum Device Lab collaborates with Zurich Instruments and ZAHW to develop a novel commercial instrument for controlling and measuring quantum electronic circuits. The project is funded by Comission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). The partners have many years of experience in developing and applying field programmable gate array (FPGA) electronics in combination with analog to digital and digital to analog converters to challenging measurement tasks. In particular the project aims at integrating an arbitrary wave form generator (AWG) with a digitizer both operating at a bandwidth of 600 MHz into a commercial instrument. The Quantum Device Lab plans to demonstrate the use of the instrument in measurements in the context of quantum information processing and quantum optics with superconducting circuits and in hybrid quantum systems. The Quantum Device Lab will also deploy the new Zurich Instruments system as a measurement tool for Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics (Circuit QED) experiments.