QSIT (FS 2015) - Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

The main lecturer of this course is Prof. Andreas Wallraff [AW]. Guest and assistant lecturers are indicated.
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  • Lecture   1  (2015-02-20) Organization (slides) & Introduction to QIP (notes slides) [AW] 
  • Lecture   2  (2015-02-27) Introduction to QIP (notes) [AW]
  • Lecture   3  (2015-03-06) Introduction to QIP (notes - slides) [AA]
  • Lecture   4  (2015-03-13) Superconducting circuits (notes - slides) [AW]
  • Lecture   5  (2015-03-20) Superconducting circuits (notes - slides[AW]
  • Lecture   6  (2015-03-27) Superconducting circuits (notes - slides) [AW]
  • Lecture   7  (2015-04-17) Superconducting circuits (slides) [AW]/ Rydberg atoms (notes - slides) [TT] 
  • Lecture   8  (2015-04-24) Photons (notes - slides) [AW]Rydberg atoms (slides) [TT] 
  • Lecture   9  (2015-05-08) NMR (slides) [AW]
  • Lecture 10  (2015-05-15) NV-centers (slides) [SP]
  • Lecture 11  (2015-05-22) Ions (slides) [AW]
  • Lecture 12  (2015-05-29) Lab tour and Summary session [AW]

A current rough draft of course notes written by Theo Walter is available for download here. The validity of the notes has not been reviewed. As new sections are added and reviewed the notes will be updated and reposted online. Any major errors, comments, or feedback for improving the notes can be directed to Theo via his email, thwalter@student.ethz.ch.

Exercise Classes

The exercise classes and the mentoring of the student presentations are shared between Abdufarrukh Abdumalikov [AA] and Tobias Thiele [TT]. 
Please write to AA or TT if you find a mistake in the solutions. 

 If a file is not available yet, the link leads to a page displaying an error message.